Cycle Fill

Cycle fill automates the delivery of the majority of resident’s medications, saving considerable nursing time.

Cycle Fill Concept: Each facility is designated a “cycle date” which is the same date every month. All routine medications suitable for card packing are synchronized to start on that date and run for a month. Routine unit medications are pre-packed and delivered to each facility 2-3 days before the cycle is due to start. Cycle medications comprise the majority of medications for every resident and will thereby save considerable nursing time managing re-orders.

Cycle Exceptions: Meds not tablets or capsules, meds for Part A residents, stock meds and some meds with billing issues

Cycle Process: Cycle meds are packed a few days before the cycle date. Cycle meds are delivered by a Covenant driver who is familiar with the medications and process. The ideal procedure is for a nurse and the driver to check the meds against the current MAR for accuracy. Any discrepancies can be resolved in the 2 days before the cycle is due to start.

Order Changes: The cycle system depends on prompt notification of any order changes. When necessary sufficient medications will be sent to last to the start of the next cycle.

Shortages: Occasionally medications are dropped and toward the end of the cycle, there may insufficient doses to last through the cycle. When this occurs, just let us know and we will send you the number of doses needed to get to the start of the next cycle.